Greetings, George Peter Gatsis here.
I have created a Cerebus related Merchandise area on my JOE KING vs store and
injected it with all sorts of interesting Cerebus related stuff,
that has new and recreated old content for the hip-vector-format age.
All the profits minus the store costs will go directly to the Grand Poobah himself... Dave Sim.
If you think you may have a cool request for a Cerebus Merchandise Product to appear on the store, email me at: CerebusTech and I'll do my best to make it happen. Unless it's something crazy unachievable, at which point I will do my best to tell you, that you are crazy and I may/might/maybe attempt to make your request happen anyways!
So what are you waiting for??? Click here and get your Cerebus fix now! Before someone else.