CEREBUS: HIGH SOCIETY DIGITAL that was funded by the
KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN for The Cerebus-High-Society-Special-Audio-Visual-Digital.
See the CREDITS of the people responsible for bringing this to you. There are 3 different type of high resolution scans in this production: 1) Directly from the comic books. 2) Directly from the film negatives. 3) Directly from the original art boards. "Hi, I'm Dave Sim, co-creator of comics' only 6,000 page graphic novel epic, CEREBUS, inviting you to download this first issue of HIGH SOCIETY. Cerebus, the world's baddest Barbarian Aardvark decides to check into the most expensive hotel in the most expensive city in Estarcion. . . THAT's strange enough -- but why do rich businessmen suddenly start giving him huge sums of money and sucking up to him?" - Dave Sim People everywhere agree that HIGH SOCIETY is Award-Winning (Eisner; Harvey; Shuster, Ignatz, Wizard) graphic novelist Dave Sim's greatest and most hilarious work.  It regularly gets a 5-star rating on lists of the Greatest Graphic Novels of All Time.  In addition to the 20 pages of art and story, you also get everything that was in the original comic book -- Deni's Note from the Publisher, the original ads, the original letters pages, the original back cover and inside back cover. BONUS! Each issue features original documents from the time period from Dave Sim's Cerebus Archive as well as pages from Dave Sim's original Notebooks (where he plotted and designed each issue) accompanied by Sim's own annotations.